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Staff of Wade Auto Group

Andy Stewart - Recon/Sales

801-701-1404   stewartlaw09@gmail.com

Josh Wade - Recon Specialist


Patrick Roberts - Detail Manager


Nick Wade - General Manager/Owner

801-701-1404   nick@wadeautogroup.com

Nick handles all of the day to day operations here at Wade Auto Group. If you have a problem or concern hes the man to talk to. He is the glue that holds our business together.

Chris Corcoran - Controller

801-701-1404   accouting@wadeautogroup.com

Jeremy Copier - Sales Manager

801-701-1404   jeremy@wadeautogroup.com

Jeremy is one of the friendliest guys you'll ever meet. He is easy to talk with and has a great personality. He strives to create a hassle free car buying experience. We wouldn't be able to retain as many customers without JER.

Keloni Kamalani - Recon/Sales Manager

801-701-1404   keloni.kamalani@gmail.com

Kip Wade - New Car Specialist

801-232-1631   kip@wadeautogroup.com

Kip knows everyone in the auto industry here in Salt Lake. 40 years in the industry constantly pays dividends for our business. If you spend enough time here at our office you are sure to hear a "Kipism". His close ties to the local community have helped us grow by leaps and bounds.

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